VO2 Tuesday #2: 22 Nov 2016

Warmup: 1 mile, easy (conversational).

Drills: 2 x 50m of high knees, butt kicks, high skips, long skips.

Workout: VO2 ladder. 1min-2min-3min-2min-1min. Do 1min fast (slightly faster than mile race pace) right into 1min slow jog, then 2min fast/2min slow, etc.

Cooldown: 1 mile easy 

Notes: use the drills as a dynamic warmup, try to exaggerate the movements to work your mobility and range of movement.Use the Jack Daniels VdotO2 calculator to determine your VO2max pace for super short distance, or run your best mile pace. On the workout, try to nail the pace each interval, stay consistent. The rest minutes should be super slow to recover. 


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