VO2 Tuesday #3: 29 Nov 2016

It’s VO2 Tuesday, here’s today’s workout.

  • Warmup: 1 mi easy pace
  • Drills: 1 x 50m (high knee, butt kick, carioca high step, backward run)
  • Workout: 12 x 30sec at VO2max* (rest between reps is a slow walk back to where you started)

*The pace for the 30sec reps should be about 15 sec faster than your fastest mile time, if you don’t know it, just estimate.

Cooldown: Easy jog


One thought on “VO2 Tuesday #3: 29 Nov 2016

  1. Great workout today. As always, the 30 sec reps were run a lot faster than we intended. My target pace was 6:30 since I have a race in 4 days (10 mile trail run at WyCo). Reps ended up being 5:15-5:40, but we kept pretty consistent throughout. Me, Cooley, and Umana.


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