VO2 Tuesday #5: 13 Dec 2016, Stairway to Hell

Today’s workout is called the Stairway to Hell and is best performed on the treadmill. Before you begin, decide what treadmill speed setting you will use for your VO2max pace, I recommend using a pace slightly faster than your best mile pace. This workout requires progressively longer repeats at the same fast speed setting.

Warmup: 1.5 mi, easy pace

Workout: With 1 min of rest at a SLOW jog between sets, run at VO2max pace for 20sec-30sec-40sec-50sec-etc until you cannot sustain the time interval at that pace. Do two sets of this, fully recover between sets.

Cooldown: hip mobility, high stepovers, windshield wipers, fwd lunges, side lunges.

*Caution: please do not try to push through an interval so hard that your legs fail and you go flying off the back of the treadmill.



One thought on “VO2 Tuesday #5: 13 Dec 2016, Stairway to Hell

  1. Two minutes of rest is too much on the first few intervals. Recommend resting as needed to get HR down to normal for a slow jog, then resume. For the 40 sec+ intervals, the full use of 2min rest is necessary. I used 10.0mph and 1% incline, and got through the 70 sec intervals. Next time I will keep the settings the same and try to get up through the 80 sec interval.


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