Six Reasons to Hire an Online Run Coach

There are so many run training plans on the internet, you can easily find and download a free 5k, 10, half marathon, or marathon training plan and be on your way. The problem comes when reality strikes and you miss a workout because life got in the way. Or maybe you missed several workouts on the plan, now what? Pre-formatted plans set you up for failure because they are not designed with your unique needs in mind, nor are they flexible enough to keep you on track when unplanned circumstances arise.

Cookie-cutter run training programs do not include the personal touch that considers your unique needs. It seems great at first, but deciding what to do when you veer off course is demoralizing. Why not rely on someone who has dedicated years of their life to learning how to coach runners, design training plans, and who will offer an unbiased, professional opinion on your training. Even the elites have coaches, there’s a reason for this.

Here are five reasons why you should hire an online running coach:

  1. Flexible. No scheduling conflicts and you decide when to conduct one-on-one communication. Workouts are done whenever you choose, no need to coordinate dates and times with your coach. If you miss a workout or two, your coach is ready to help you decide if, when, and how to make it up while remaining on course.
  2. Autonomy. You do the work, on your own, but you have trusted advisor to call, text, email, or video chat with to answer questions, provide motivation, and guide you on your fitness journey.
  3. Accountability. You have someone who is waiting to hear how your run went, and who will help you decide how to deal with unexpected circumstances. There are plenty of legitimate reasons why you missed a workout, but on the days that you just don’t feel like getting out there, say at 4am on Sunday morning, you may think twice about staying in bed if you know you will have to explain yourself later. If you make the commitment to get in shape or to get faster, then your coach will get you there, but it requires sacrifice, and a coach will hold you to your commitment; in the end, you will appreciate him for it.
  4. Accessible. Connect with your coach whenever you want. Social media and today’s technology have made it easy to communicate any time, clime, and place. This can be quite convenient when an odd question or training dilemma pops in your head right before your run.
  5. Affordable. Because there is no requirement to meet in person, the price tag is much lower than having a traditional personal trainer. You can save your money for buying new gym clothes!
  6. Better Selection. Rather than being limited to the handful of coaches in your local area, you can choose from a worldwide inventory of available coaches. This gives you more options to find someone who fits your needs at the right price point.


Windhorse Running provides the human connection that is so often left out of run training plans. Not only will you receive a well-designed training program, you will have access to a certified running coach and personal fitness trainer. Your coach will guide you on your journey to meet your goals, answering your questions, addressing your concerns, and ensuring that your training remains on course.

Sign up now with Windhorse Running, visit us at and we will help you meet your goals.

We look forward to hearing from you. If you would like to keep up on the latest posts and have access to exclusive subscriber content, be sure to follow this blog and check us out on social media @windhorserunning.


2 thoughts on “Six Reasons to Hire an Online Run Coach

  1. Great post. The best training plans come about when coach and athlete work together. There needs to be give and take and the athlete shouldn’t hesitate to press in to the coach when they disagree or have questions. They also need to communicate about their workouts and their struggles. The trainer is there to help you achieve so he must understand what obstacles stand in your way.


    1. Absolutely Greg, if the relationship between coach and athlete is a healthy one, with good communication and feedback, then most likely a productive plan will emerge. It is important to remember when working with people toward their fitness goals, that this is their life, the trainer is only there to support, encourage, and get them where they want or need to be. Thanks for the comment!


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