VO2 Tuesday Sessions will Resume Spring 2017

VO2 Tuesday sessions will resume in the summer of 2017. Stay tuned for a new season of quality speedwork sessions to raise your roof!



VO2 Tuesday #6: 17 Jan, 2017

Good morning,

Back from a few week hiatus from VO2 max workouts, here’s a good treadmill workout to stress your high-end aerobic capacity and hopefully improve your VO2 max.

Warmup: 10-15 min easy pace

Workout: 8 x [1 min at RPE 8, then right into 30 sec at RPE 9-10 effort, passive rest for 90 sec as you dial down the treadmill back down to easy pace, resume easy jog until 90 sec is up]

Cooldown: 10-15 min easy pace

RPE= rate of perceived effort, think of these as percentages if that’s easier for you. 1 is laying on the couch watching the Chiefs lose, 10 is a max effort sprint.

The goal of this workout is to achieve 10-12 minutes of actual time at high intensity (RPE 8-10). The rest periods should allow your HR to recover somewhat, but not fully.

I plan to do this one outside today with a considerably longer warmup and cooldown. Enjoy!

VO2 Tuesday #5: 13 Dec 2016, Stairway to Hell

Today’s workout is called the Stairway to Hell and is best performed on the treadmill. Before you begin, decide what treadmill speed setting you will use for your VO2max pace, I recommend using a pace slightly faster than your best mile pace. This workout requires progressively longer repeats at the same fast speed setting.

Warmup: 1.5 mi, easy pace

Workout: With 1 min of rest at a SLOW jog between sets, run at VO2max pace for 20sec-30sec-40sec-50sec-etc until you cannot sustain the time interval at that pace. Do two sets of this, fully recover between sets.

Cooldown: hip mobility, high stepovers, windshield wipers, fwd lunges, side lunges.

*Caution: please do not try to push through an interval so hard that your legs fail and you go flying off the back of the treadmill.


VO2 Tuesday #4: 6 Dec 2016 (NO WORKOUT)

Today there is no VO2 Tuesday workout as the group takes time to attend the burial of Mr Steve Moroney. Steve was a lifelong runner and Marine who gave almost 50 years of total service to the United States. 30 years as a Marine and 17 as a government civilian employee. Steve could crush a 5k in 22:00 well into his 50’s! May he rest in peace.

This was hanging in Steve’s office entitled, “gunner’s gut check”.

VO2 Tuesday #3: 29 Nov 2016

It’s VO2 Tuesday, here’s today’s workout.

  • Warmup: 1 mi easy pace
  • Drills: 1 x 50m (high knee, butt kick, carioca high step, backward run)
  • Workout: 12 x 30sec at VO2max* (rest between reps is a slow walk back to where you started)

*The pace for the 30sec reps should be about 15 sec faster than your fastest mile time, if you don’t know it, just estimate.

Cooldown: Easy jog