Running Planet

  • This is my go to website for a quick answer. It is well organized and has tons of useful information categorized into easy to find subjects. I go here often to find new workouts or just learn something new.


  • By far my favorite and most visited site on a daily basis. Strava is the social network for athletes. Through Strava you can keep in touch with friends and family in the context of fitness. You can encourage and motivate athletes you follow as their latest activity pops up on my dashboard. Strava has some great data visualization tools to help you track your own activities in a training log and training calendar.

Science of Ultra

  • Shawn Bearden’s website is just as awesome as his Science of Ultra Podcast (SOUP). The website reviews, reinforces, and elaborates on the topics discussed in podcast episodes. When he has an interesting article, or a document that would help his listeners, he includes it on the site as a free download.

Ultra Signup


D.C. Rainmaker


  • This is a good starting point for a basic introduction to mindfulness. It really is simple, but a little bit of self-discipline and consistency means real results.


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