MURCA, Marine UltraRunners Club of America

MURCA stickers are now available.

MURCA 4″ Sticker

These are custom high quality, die-cut, vinyl 4" stickers from made by I have a limited number of these stickers, so get them while you can! Semper Fidelis.


MURCA is an exclusive group of ultrarunners who proudly wear the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor, as United States Marines. The same qualities that make them successful as Marines make them successful as ultrarunners; grit, devotion, and fortitude. MURCA represents a small fraction of the “few, the proud” and share a special appreciation for the physical and mental suffering for time spent inside the pain cave. MURCA exists for cameraderie, sharing lessons and stories, representing the Marine Corps in the ultrarunning community, connecting, fundraising, and living their lives spreading the spirit of Semper Fidelis. MURCA has 70 members currently and plan to grow to 100+. MURCA’s vision is to serve and support worthy organizations that help the families of fallen warriors (such as Mission 22, the Semper Fi Fund, and The Wingman Foundation). MURCA does this through unique fundraisers that leverage social media, friends and family, fellow runners and military service members, consistent race participation. MURCA members envision a future in which warriors with both visible and invisible scars join together on the trails for camaraderie and healing by setting a goal and working together to grow and improve. MURCA strives to be a recognized team at the hundreds of ultramarathons across the country in order to bring awareness of veterans’ needs to the ultrarunning community specifically.

MURCA membership is not open to just anyone. To join MURCA, contact MURCA..